Finding the right person to repair or replace a feature of your home or small appliance is never easy. For one, so many options are available that it can be difficult to narrow down the list. Even when you narrow it down, you can never be sure which garage door repair company is most trustworthy. Luckily, there is a way to weed out the ones that are less than reliable. You just need to pay attention to any signs of garage door repair scams. 

4 Garage Door Repair Scams To Avoid

There are four garage door repair scams commonly used by untrustworthy companies. If you notice any of them are being promoted by a garage door company, you should avoid seeking their services. 

1. Lifetime Guarantee

Have you ever heard the phrase “lifetime guarantee” in any context and thought it sounded too good to be true? If a prospective garage door company claims they offer them, trust that instinct that tells you to be skeptical. After all, is it truly likely that a company will offer repair and replacement services at low prices for your entire life or as long as they’re in business? 

Usually, the repairman using this scam will use cheap parts and tools to handle your garage door, leading you to rely on them constantly for their services. To avoid falling into this trap, read all the fine print thoroughly before signing anything, and ask questions. If they are unable to provide clear or straightforward answers, try to avoid answering altogether, and move on to another service. 

2. Rebuilding Or Replacing Scams 

Have you ever known someone who called a garage door service for a simple problem, like a spring adjustment or roller replacement, only to end up spending lots of money on a full-blown replacement? Chances are, your friend fell victim to a garage door repair scam. However, you can avoid this scam by paying attention to how many other garage door parts the technician says are in poor condition. 

You should also see if the technician seems to be exaggerating the state of your garage door. Most garage door parts last over 10 years, so keep that in mind when receiving this feedback, especially if any of the parts are new. You can also seek the opinion of a different garage door technician, and if they are focused on the one part that needs attention, you will know that the first one you asked was trying to deceive you. 

3. Exaggerating Emergency Repairs

It’s important to be vigilant about potential garage door repair scams if you’re seeking emergency repairs. A scammer will use this opportunity to take advantage of you when you’re most desperate to restore order to your garage door. Like the rebuilding or replacing scam, the technician might also exaggerate the extent of issues your garage door is facing to charge you for parts and services you don’t need. 

4. Low Prices With Hidden Fees 

Because most garage door repair services cost over $100 and maybe up to $300, it’s literally unbelievable when companies advertise their services with prices like $19.99. The moment you see these price tags, start looking elsewhere for garage door repairs. In fact, garage door repair services that are transparent about their pricing from the get-go and have references to corroborate their work are the most trustworthy. 

garage door repair scams to avoid hidden fees

Say Goodbye To Garage Door Repair Scams, Trust The Garage Door Repairman To Be Honest And Transparent!

Verifying a substantial online presence, finding a physical address, and seeing if the company can answer your questions clearly and immediately are just a few signs that you aren’t falling for garage door repair scams. Thanks to this blog, you will be able to easily find a reliable, legitimate garage door repair service like ours at Garage Door Repairman. Contact us today for our transparency and diligence.