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Our team at Garage Door Repairman understands how much your garage door tracks and cables rely on each other to ensure the successful operation of your garage door. If you find yourself dealing with problems with either of these parts, your best bet is to entrust our technicians to take care of repairs. In order to understand why caring for these parts should be handled by professionals, here is a closer look at the role of tracks and cables and the problems and repairs they are likely to encounter.

The Role of Garage Door Tracks: Problems & Repairs

Garage door tracks guide the door’s movement as it opens and closes, ensuring that it moves along a smooth path. They utilize rollers to ensure their seamless movement and are connected to the springs thanks to the cables, allowing for optimal garage door functionality. As a result, misaligned, bent, and/or damaged garage door tracks can lead to operability and safety issues. While it is possible to clean your own tracks, you can ensure a thorough job from our technicians. As for what problems require professional attention, let our team adjust and reposition your tracks accordingly and/or install replacement tracks if necessary.

The Role of Garage Door Cables: Problems & Repairs

The garage door cables are what link your springs to the tracks and opener. Thanks to this part, your garage door opening system is able to work together in harmony to ensure easy operation. That said, this part tends to face many of the same problems as the springs. Fraying, loose, and broken cables can be major culprits behind a malfunctioning garage door.

Your garage door cables can become frayed due to wear and tear, so the only resolution to this problem is to hire our Garage Door Repairman team to install durable replacements. The same principle applies to garage door cables that have snapped apart, as this poses a serious safety hazard for you and your loved ones. As for loose cables, they can be reattached and/or readjusted by our team, and your garage door opening system can be returned to normal operation. We will also repair your cable drums if they face any problems.

Tips to Care for Garage Door Tracks and Cables

Now that you know what our garage door track repair and cable services entail, you will want to know what you can do to maintain these newly repaired parts. With these maintenance tips, you will be able to extend the longevity of these parts and avoid bigger problems down the line.

Visual Inspections

Inspecting your tracks, cables, and other garage door parts will allow you to nip any potential issues in the bud before they can worsen. You specifically want to look out for signs of rust, misalignment, wear and tear, and looseness. The moment you notice any of these, call our skilled technicians to set your garage door cables and tracks right.

Lubrication And Cleaning

Noises coming from your garage door can mean that the parts need lubrication. Lubricating and cleaning your garage door tracks will greatly improve your garage door’s functionality. Doing this task at least twice a year should hopefully make all the difference.

Get The Best Care For Your Garage Door Tracks and Cables From Our Team At The Garage Door Repairman!

Exceptional garage door track and cable repair is the name of the game at The Garage Door Repairman. Our team of technicians has the necessary years of skills and experience under their belts to provide the best repair services possible for your garage door parts. Contact us today for more information about our stellar services.

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